Official measuring of the air polution

Ekologické Centrum spol. s r.o. (Ecology Centre Company Ltd.) was established in 1993, its registration in the Business registry took place on 23rd October 1993. That means that just a while ago, the Company celebrated the 17th anniversary of its official existence.

The Company's foundations were laid by technicians who had prior to that worked for 15 to 20 years in the area of environmental protection. The average employee of our Company is today 43 years old and has accumulated a respectable amount of experience and expertise. However, the Company also recruits employees from the younger generation which is a prerequisite for the team to be able and willing to provide continuous performance.

We are equipped with a total of three measurement vans. Using two of them, we are nowadays capable of measuring both input and output parameters of a desulphurization unit of a large power block, while one the same day, the third one can be measuring organic constituents concentration at the output of a varnishing unit at the other end of our country.

Another part of our activities is the central laboratory located in Prague 5. While the measurement vans are out there working, the laboratory can be at the same time evaluating results measured yesterday as well as preparing the background for the vans' operations on the next day.

Our Company's main activity is measuring emissions of industrial plants. We are holders of a certificate issued by our country's supreme authority (Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic) pursuant to which our measurements can be carried out officially.

Our big customers are companies that manufacture or operate:

  • Heat sources
  • Power plants
  • Waste incineration works
  • Technological plants

The certifications we hold state clearly that there are no limits for us concerning the size or output of the measured equipment. We are able to measure an energy source with chimneys of a 15 metre diameter or technologies that produce 500 000 tons of plastic annually, incineration works that liquidate 500 kg of waste in an hour as well as pollution sources with 30 centimetre chimneys and a minimum concentration of noxious substances at the output. On the other hand, we face no practical limit regarding the observation of the structure content) of noxious substances at the output toward the atmosphere.

In addition to official measurements, we can cooperate with clients who sell, or users interested in buying and operating, units with a risk of releasing harmful substances into the air in view to ensure that the new technologies comply to a maximum with our country's valid environmental legislation. Likewise, we can provide top support, from the point of view of air protection, for the maintenance or innovation of existing units.

We have an on-going cooperation with specialised firms for which the observation and evaluation of air pollution constitute a part of the complex in the frame of their care for environmental protection.

The news is we are able to provide an evaluation of the environmental odour load.

Our Company is not restricted by our country's territory. It is solely up to the customer’s decision and our ensuing agreement whether the measurement will take place in the Czech Republic or another European country.